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Eddy Current Brake Works

Nair Motion Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 28, 2015

Eddy current brake is a superior performance of automatic control components, it is the use of eddy current loss principle to the absorbed power. Its output torque and magnetizing current good linear relationship. And it has a fast response, simple structure.

Eddy current brake is widely used in load dynamometer. When that is the power and torque measuring electrical transmission machinery, internal combustion engines, reduce speed machine, speed, power, efficiency, current, voltage, power factor, eddy current brake as an analog loader. And with the computer interface and automatic control. And I produced the TR-1 type torque and rotational speed power meter, CGQ type torque and speed sensor, WLK automatic controller, automatic test software can be composed of sets of automatic dynamometer system.

Eddy current brake is widely used in the relevant winding device printing, packaging, paper and paper processing, textile, printing and dyeing, wires, cables, rubber, leather, metal strip processing, automatic tension control system. And I produced WLK controller support, it can be composed of manual tension control system. And I produced ZK automatic tension control device and tension detection sensor package, it can be composed of closed-loop automatic tension control system ..

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