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DC Brush Motor High Reliability

Nair Motion Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Auto cleaner used DC brushless motor drive centrifugal fan to discharge dirty air. DC Brush Motor The motor body is based on the motor circuit scheme to determine, commonly used two-phase bridge commutation drive circuit. The inner stator windings can be more easily wound around the core teeth. The motor is made of an outer rotor structure, and the stator and stator windings are placed inside the rotor. DC Brush Motor Commutation drive circuit using special integrated circuit (ASIC), the circuit is simple, and control and protection.

The development of low voltage and high current automotive air conditioning with DC brushless motor can solve the original brush DC motor noise, short life and maintenance difficulties, improve motor performance. Its rated voltage is 12V, due to the structure is limited, to the design of the DC brushless motor increased difficulties. The stator punch is 12-slot structure, because it is low voltage high current type, DC Brush Motor in order to ensure that the current density is not convergence too high, the use of two-wire and around to reduce the wire diameter; rotor surface permanent magnet paste 4 pole structure, permanent magnet Selection of rare earth permanent magnet materials NdFeB, NdFeB due to the remanence and coercivity are high, magnetic direction is short. DC Brush Motor So the permanent magnet uses radial tiles. Use Hall elements as position sensors. Mounted on the inner surface of the motor cover, the position sensor magnetic field is the axial magnetic field.

Brushless DC motor used in electric bicycles, DC Brush Motor compared with the brush DC motor has the following advantages:

(1) long life, maintenance-free, high reliability. In the brush DC motor, brush and commutator wear faster, generally work about 1,000 hours need to replace the brush. In addition to its gears more difficult to reduce the gear, especially the transmission gear lubrication problem is a brush program is relatively large problem. So there is a large brush on the motor noise, low efficiency, easy to produce problems such as failure.

(2) high efficiency, energy saving. Generally speaking, DC Brush Motor due to the brushless DC motor without mechanical commutation of the friction loss and gearbox consumption, and speed circuit losses, the efficiency is usually higher than 85%, but taking into account the actual design of the highest cost, DC Brush Motor in order to reduce material consumption , Generally designed for 76%, while the brush DC motor efficiency due to gearbox and beyond the clutch consumption, usually around 70%. So the advantages of brushless DC motor is obvious.

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