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Controller Complete Inspection And Maintenance

Nair Motion Technologies Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

The measured value of the production process parameters with the given value comparison, it is concluded that deviation after the regulation of according to certain rules produce output signal driven actuators to eliminate the deviation value, to keep the parameters in the vicinity of a given value or a predetermined rule change controller.

The regulator is a kind of instrument that can be achieved by various means and means, changing a certain parameter, and in an environment. The daily governor, the modulator, is one of them, the car and the train plane, the space satellite and so on. A programmable controller is a type of regulator, or a digital regulator or a single loop regulator. It is a new type of regulator with microprocessor as its core component. Its various functions can be realized by changing program (programming) methods, so it is called programmable controller.

The regulator is the device that regulates the voltage, first to prevent the voltage from being too high to damage the battery, and to cut off the line between the battery and the battery when the voltage of the generator is too low, which is the dc generator. If be an ac generator only have the voltage stabilizing function.

Adjustment method

Use a dry battery to connect to the battery, the current meter, and connect to the battery terminal of the regulator. Start the initiator and gradually raise the speed. Check the current meter pointer when the interceptor contacts. If the current meter is moving toward the "+", it reveals that the closed voltage is high and the spring tension should be weakened. If the current meter is swinging toward the "-", then it is revealed that the closed voltage is lower and the spring tension should be increased. Repeat the adjustment until the switch is closed and the current meter is not wobble, and the closed voltage is revealed.

The two batteries are connected with the battery and the current meter and connected to the battery terminal of the regulator. Start the initiator and gradually raise the speed. When the voltage regulator works, check the pointer of the ammeter. If the current meter is swinging to "+" and revealing the high pressure value, the spring force should be reduced. If the current meter is swinging toward the "-", it reveals that the pressure value is low and the spring tension should be increased. Repeat adjustment until the voltage regulator is effective, the current meter is not wiggling, and the performance adjustment is appropriate.

The reason for this adjustment is that the battery is connected to the battery, and there is an inevitable potential, while the generator announces the necessary voltage, and the current will occur when the two are different. The former is more positive than the latter, and the current meter is biased toward the "-" and vice versa. As long as the two potentials are approximately equal, the meter pointer does not oscillate.

In the process of using the regulator, the removable cover is generally not allowed. The normal condition is to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance at about 200h per work. The contents are as follows:

1. Remove the shell and check the surface of the contact surface for dirt and burn. If there is dirt, use clean paper to wipe contact surface. If the contact point appears ablation or plane uneven and lead to contact bad, generally use "00" sandpaper or sand bar to grind it, and finally clean with clean paper.

2. Check the strength of each connector, measure the resistance and the resistance of each coil. In case of damage, repair or replace the new item in time.

3. Check the closing voltage of the interrupter and the reverse current, the limit voltage of the throttle, the limit current of the throttling device, and the clearance and air gap of various contacts. If it does not meet the requirements, adjustments should be made.

4. Check the adjusted regulator and observe the instructions of the charging current meter pointer when starting the diesel engine. If a diesel engine runs at a medium or higher speed, the pointer of the current meter still points to the "-" side, indicating that the contact of the interrupter is not disconnected and the grounding switch should be disconnected rapidly. Otherwise, the battery, regulator and charging generator will be damaged. If a diesel engine starts up to a rated rotating speed, the pointer to the current meter still points to "0", and the adjustment is not adjusted according to the technical requirements, and should be re-checked and adjusted.

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